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SCINTILLA Final Public Event - Save the Date!

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SCINTILLA will hold its final public event on 11&12 December 2014 in Ispra (Italy) at the Joint Research Centre.


Member of the SPN? Interested in the enhanced detection of radioactive sources and nuclear material ? Expert in nuclear detection ?


Come along to discuss SCINTILLA final results, technology developments, testing and benchmarking outcomes as well as future perspectives in terms of R&D in the nuclear security !

Register online now by clicking here. Deadline to submit an abstract: 7 November 2014.


Further information available here. You may also contact  


August 2018

Project Structure

Project Coordinator : Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives – CEA, represented by Guillaume SANNIE
6 workpackages (WP):

WP1 Usage Cases definition and assessment

Objective: providing a range of representative usage cases, which will serve as reference for the project
Through the interaction with the SCINTILLA UAG (User Advisory Group) and the input of partners acting themselves as users or user representatives (JRC, CEA, Fhg INT), these usage cases will then be used by the SCINTILLA consortium to assess the devices resulting from WP3 in close to real-life conditions, involving the direct participation of end-users.

WP Leader: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.V

WP2 Building SCINTILLA subsystems

Objective: exploring the different technologies covered by SCINTILLA
The output will be benchmarked in the Technology Benchmarks in WP4. The "successful" technologies will be integrated into devices in WP3 and then be assessed in WP1.

WP Leader: Commissariat à L’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives

WP3 Device Integration and application sub-systems


  • delivering a range of devices for the detection of radioactive sources and nuclear materials, integrating the sensor sub-systems / technologies selected as a result of the SCINTILLA Technology Benchmarks
  • producing "SCINTILLA Recommendations on Standards for systems dealing with the detection of radioactive sources and nuclear materials" after having in a first step delivered a "Proposal for SCINTILLA communication protocols" for the purpose of streamlining SCINTILLA integration activities.

WP Leader: Symetrica Security LTD

WP4 Test-bed Services and Technology Benchmarking

Objective: providing services for technologies under development in SCINTILLA in WP2 and beyond in the SCINTILLA Partnership Network

A series of annual technology benchmarks will compare mature detection technologies and induce the selection of SCINTILLA sub-systems considered to be the best choice for integration by WP3.

WP Leader: JRC -Joint Research Centre- European Commission

WP5 Exploitation, Dissemination and Partnership Network


  • building a sustainable SCINTILLA Partnership Network involving SCINTILLA partners, users as well as third parties and laboratories in view of optimising the project outcome during and beyond the project life span
  • involving small groups of user representatives through User Advisory Group and small groups of technical experts through the Expert Advisory Groups, which will provide regular feedback on the SCINTILLA technologies and the ethical and societal issues
  • creating awareness about SCINTILLA in the industrial community to encourage other applications
  • creating links with other scientists in the scientific communities related to the different disciplines represented in the SCINTILLA project, in view of opening new horizons and thereby enabling future innovation

WP Leader: Saphymo SAS

WP6 Project Management

In SCINTILLA the management tasks are shared between two partners: CEA will ensure the strategic, financial and contractual management of the consortium and in particular the official interface between the consortium and the European Commission while ARTTIC will ensure the day-to-day operational project management and provide the consortium with its project management experience, methods and tools.


  • setting up the management infrastructure: committees, boards, management procedures, quality plan, risk registers, project management tools, internal web site, etc.
  • ensuring the strategic management of the project
  • providing financial and contractual management of the Consortium, including maintenance of the Consortium Agreement role

WP Leader: Commissariat à L’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives