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SCINTILLA Final Public Event - Save the Date!

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SCINTILLA will hold its final public event on 11&12 December 2014 in Ispra (Italy) at the Joint Research Centre.


Member of the SPN? Interested in the enhanced detection of radioactive sources and nuclear material ? Expert in nuclear detection ?


Come along to discuss SCINTILLA final results, technology developments, testing and benchmarking outcomes as well as future perspectives in terms of R&D in the nuclear security !

Register online now by clicking here. Deadline to submit an abstract: 7 November 2014.


Further information available here. You may also contact  


August 2018


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Izotopkutato Intezet - Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia

Izotopkutato Intezet - Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia

Further Information : Hungary - Budapest

Organizational Activities

The Institute of Isotopes (IKI) in Budapest is a research institution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS). Its mission is to conduct internationally recognized scientific research in the fields of interaction of radiation with matter (including neutrons, gamma-rays and electrons), isotope and nuclear chemistry, radiation chemistry, radiation protection and nuclear security, chemical reaction kinetics, and heterogeneous catalysis. In addition, it is involved in higher education, provides expertise and services to national authorities and other customers, and performs targeted R&D projects. According to the decree 7/2011 (xII.5.) of the general assembly of HAS, IKI and KFKI Atomic Energy Institute form a new research centre from 1st January 2012. The new website of the Centre for Energy Research is accessible at    

Role in the Project

IkI performs data collection with the spectrometric PVT RPM system and for the NaI Personal Portal, either using the test-bed services at the JRC or at IKI premises (with a variety of nuclear materials and radioactive sources available at IKI). It evaluateS the data collected and the capabilities of the developed detectors. Besides, IKI participates to the testing of the back-pack system, organizing in-field tests with nuclear and other radioactve materials (including neutron sources) available at IKI. Its previous experience is related to NDA of nuclear materials, mainly gamma spectrometry and neutron counting. 

Key Personnel

Dr Andras Kovacs

T: +36 1 392 2528

Fax: +36 1 392 2529