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SCINTILLA Final Public Event - Save the Date!

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SCINTILLA will hold its final public event on 11&12 December 2014 in Ispra (Italy) at the Joint Research Centre.


Member of the SPN? Interested in the enhanced detection of radioactive sources and nuclear material ? Expert in nuclear detection ?


Come along to discuss SCINTILLA final results, technology developments, testing and benchmarking outcomes as well as future perspectives in terms of R&D in the nuclear security !

Register online now by clicking here. Deadline to submit an abstract: 7 November 2014.


Further information available here. You may also contact  


August 2018


Dissemination in SCINTILLA will have several dimensions:

  • Building the SCINTILLA Partnership Network around the Test-bed and Benchmark services, a network of partners with third parties and laboratories in view of optimising the project outcome during and beyond the project life span. Worldwide community of technology providers, experts and users around the topic of detection technologies, the SCINTILLA Partnership Network will also involve partners from related national, European and international projects  
  • Involving small groups of experts through User and Expert Advisory Groups, which will provide regular feedback on the SCINTILLA technologies and the ethical and societal issues
  • Creating awareness about SCINTILLA in the industrial community: The SCINTILLA Test-bed and the SCINTILLA Technology benchmark will be open to third parties in view of expanding the SCINTILLA Toolbox to the best-of-breed technologies
  • Creating links with other scientists in the scientific communities related to the different disciplines represented in the SCINTILLA project, in view of opening new horizons and thereby enabling future innovations
  • Informing the public and educating the citizenry about the ethical and societal issues.
  • The SCINTILLA dissemination activities will therefore focus on target groups that are directly concerned by the project results:
  • End-users/Stakeholders: MS governments / public administrations such as border controls and security departments (first responders on bomb scenes)
  • The general public
  • The scientific/technological professional community: The knowledge gained in the SCINTILLA project should not only benefit the consortium but also a wider community of experts
  • the FP7 SECURITY programme as well as other related FP7 programmes

According to the needs and interests of the different target groups, SCINTILLA will use different dissemination tools:

  • Regular sessions of SCINTILLA workshops  organised in collaboration with organisations making research and technological developments in the field of DIRaSoNuMa technologies
  • Workshops  targeting users and interested academic groups and companies - The Final SCINTILLA Public Workshop is taking place in Ispra, Italy in December 2014.
  • this public website
  • Media relations : Press conferences / press releases at appropriate time-points
  • Liaison  with related research initiatives and expert working groups
  • Scientific publications  in leading scientific journals
  • Talks and lectures  at national and international conferences
  • Dialogue with policy makers, stakeholders, citizens’ associations