August 2018


User / Expert Advisory Group 1st meeting

Written by on 09-16-2014 at 9:46 AM

User and Expert Advisory Group members officially first met consortium partners within the SCINTILLA project in Ispra, Italy on 2012 April 12th and 13th. This first meeting was pretty convivial and the venue quite pleasant thanks to partner JRC hosting facilities.

On the agenda: SCINTILLA Usage cases and technical specifications.

Discussions contributed to establish the project deliverables “Definition of the Usage Case UC1-3 Mobile and relocatable RPM for containers, vehicle control, luggage control”, “UC4 Mobile / relocatable RPM for people”, “UC5 portable device for usage by police and customs in airports” and “UC6 communicating miniature device to be used by first responders for bomb detection”.

User and Expert Advisory Group members as well as SCINTILLA partners are expected to meet once a year while keeping in touch on SCINTILLA results and progress along the project lifetime.