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SCINTILLA Final Public Event - Save the Date!

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SCINTILLA will hold its final public event on 11&12 December 2014 in Ispra (Italy) at the Joint Research Centre.


Member of the SPN? Interested in the enhanced detection of radioactive sources and nuclear material ? Expert in nuclear detection ?


Come along to discuss SCINTILLA final results, technology developments, testing and benchmarking outcomes as well as future perspectives in terms of R&D in the nuclear security !

Register online now by clicking here. Deadline to submit an abstract: 7 November 2014.


Further information available here. You may also contact  


External Events

Workshop EFNDT Working Group 5

Location: Berlin, Germany Duration: 3 days, From 22/10/2012 to 24/10/2012

This workshop is intended to provide a discussion forum for all those taking responsibility for making life safer for all by technical means. This includes both technical safety achievable by non-destructive testing and public security using similar tools as those used for inspection purposes. The aim is to reduce risks; the problem is whether the tools applied are appropriate or which ones to choose to reach this goal. To identify the common aspects in order to intensify the mutual exchange of experiences that have the potential to resolve the current problems, the following four main subjects are suggested for discussion in true workshop style, with a brief introduction into the thematic area:

  • Risk: If it is assumed to be being reduced, how can the extent to which it is reduced be estimated? How far are risk managements different in technical safety and in public security? 
  • The right choice of tools: what are the requirements, standards etc. and who decides to choose which ones? This is currently in discussion between the European Commission and the bodies certifying security equipment.
  • New approaches: current and future development of research projects.
  • Supporting activities, suggestions and new ideas: the work of EFNDT WG 5.
Each of these topics should be tackled within half a day from Monday noon to Wednesday noon. It is intended to wrap up the results of this workshop in a statement paper to be published at least in one of the NDT journals.
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6th Annual CBRNe Convergence Conference & Exhibition

Location: San Diego, California, USA Duration: 3 days, From 29/10/2013 to 31/10/2013

Pre-Conference Workshop on day one, a streamed conference with over 30 expert speakers and an exhibition of over 100 companies on day two and three, and a dynamic exercise of US CBRNE assets on day four.

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All Hazard Response 2013

Location: CityWest Hotel, Dublin Duration: 2 days, From 16/04/2013 to 17/04/2013

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Emergency Preparedness and Hazmat Response 2013

Location: Baltimore, MA, USA Duration: 6 days, From 16/11/2013 to 21/11/2013

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3rd International Symposium on Development of CBRN-Defence Capabilities

Location: Duration: 4 days, From 20/10/2015 to 23/10/2015

Following the 2nd symposium held in Berlin in October 2012

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IAEM 61st annual Conference

Location: Nevada, USA Duration: 6.0416666666667 days, From 25/10/2013 to 30/10/2013

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XVIth International CBRN Symposium

Location: Defence Academy of the UK, Shrivenham Duration: 5 days, From 04/11/2013 to 08/11/2013

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CBRNe Asia 2013

Location: Kuala Lumpur Duration: 4 days, From 24/09/2013 to 27/09/2013

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8th Future Security

Location: Berlin, Germany Duration: 3 days, From 17/09/2013 to 19/09/2013

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ANIMMA Conference

Location: Palais des Congrès, Marseille, France Duration: 5 days, From 23/06/2013 to 27/06/2013

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ESARDA Symposium in Bruges, Belgium

Location: Duration: 3 days, From 28/05/2013 to 30/05/2013

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He3 replacement (HeRe 2013) in Rome

Location: Duration: 2 days, From 02/12/2013 to 03/12/2013

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14th ICATPP Conference

Location: Duration: 5 days, From 23/09/2013 to 27/09/2013




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INFN-Energia e Industria verso Horizon 2020 e nuovi mercati

Location: Duration: 2 days, From 15/01/2014 to 16/01/2014

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Location: Duration: 7.0416666666667 days, From 27/10/2013 to 02/11/2013

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REWARD Final Workshop

Location: Duration: 2 days, From 23/10/2014 to 24/10/2014

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