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SCINTILLA Final Public Event - Save the Date!

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SCINTILLA will hold its final public event on 11&12 December 2014 in Ispra (Italy) at the Joint Research Centre.


Member of the SPN? Interested in the enhanced detection of radioactive sources and nuclear material ? Expert in nuclear detection ?


Come along to discuss SCINTILLA final results, technology developments, testing and benchmarking outcomes as well as future perspectives in terms of R&D in the nuclear security !

Register online now by clicking here. Deadline to submit an abstract: 7 November 2014.


Further information available here. You may also contact  


July 2018


SCINTILLA 3rd Benchmark Campaign

The SCINTILLA Benchmark is planned for the 10th to the 14th November 2014. This benchmarking exercise will be open to all developers and COTS equipment suppliers. To enable developers to install, check, fine-tune and commission their instruments a set of tests – The SCINTILLA Testbed – is scheduled the week before. During the SCINTILLA Benchmarks, no set-up alterations will be allowed and JRC will solely run the benchmarking campaign.

Two testing platforms will be made available:

  • one Gamma and one neutron irradiators for testing handheld detectors
  • one dynamic test platform dedicated to vehicle and pedestrian RPMs

During the dynamic tests, RPM equipment will be tested against ANSI and IEC standards for Radiation Portal Monitors for vehicles. Truck configuration is not requested. A single pillar with sensors will be sufficient. The tests will be conducted indoors. Only RPM prototypes equipped with occupancy sensors will be subject to dynamic tests; equipment without occupancy sensors will be tested only statically.

The technology testing procedure will be based on the ANSI and IEC standards for RPM for alarm capabilities and those for SRPM when dealing with spectroscopic and identification features. The tests concentrate on radiometric properties only. The general testing conditions are:

  • Dynamic test at a source speed of 8 km/h for vehicle RPM and 1.2 m/s for pedestrian SRPM
  • Distance from source: 2.5 m for vehicle RPM and 1 m for pedestrian SRPM

With regard to the reference sources, the reference neutron testing source to be used is a Cf-252 source with emission of 20000 n/s (±20%) shielded with 1 cm steel and 0.5 cm lead. In addition, the tests will be carried out for a thermalized source by shielding the reference source with 8 cm polyethylene. Tests will also be made with WG Pu (12 g) and HEU (51 g). False neutron alarms will be tested by exposing the neutron detectors to a gamma dose rate of 20 µSv/h.

The equipment will not be tested for vibration, temperature, humidity, etc. 

NB: Detailed measurement plans are subject to review during the test-bed week and redesigned in collaboration with confirmed participants, eventually to prove a beyond-the-standard capability.